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The premier scrap facility in north central kansas

Salina Iron & Metal Company pays for scrap metal. Bring us your scrap or call us for pickup of large quantities. We accept a variety of metals and cardboard as well. Our pricing is negotiable on large quantities, so give us a call at 785-826-9838 for pricing questions on high volume.


We accept aluminum cans in any condition. Whether they are bagged, crushed, or otherwise, bring them to us for cash on the spot.

Copper Grades

#1 Copper: Must be non-tarnished with a minimum diameter of ⅛ inch. We accept new tubing cutoffs.
#2 Copper: Can be tarnished with a smaller diameter.
Insulated Copper: We accept insulated copper. Burned off insulation is considered #2 Copper while stripped off insulation is #1 Copper.
Bare Brite: High-shine copper that is bare.


Salina Iron & Metal Company accepts industrial and commercial cardboard. We can provide containers for transport.

Scrap Iron Grades

5' P & S (Five Foot Plate and Structural):

¼ inch minimum thickness with maximum dimensions of 2' x 5'. This includes structural angles, beams, tubes, channels, and production “skeleton plates”.

#2 Heavy-Melt Steel

⅛ inch minimum thickness with maximum dimensions of 18” x 36”. Farm iron is a common form of #2 heavy-melt steel.


Consists of unprepared scrap including wire, tin, combine, automobiles and all else unprepared.


We also buy your non-freon appliances. We can also remove freon from your appliances for a fee.

For more information about our recycling services, call Salina Iron & Metal Company at 785-826-9838.